Pugs and Rock ‘n Roll


We just witnessed the most insane night our beloved football club has ever experienced. The impossible required 95 minutes to be accomplished, and we only did so because of the union between our players’ heroic efforts, never, ever giving up; and the support from the 96 thousand at the Camp Nou who instead of leaving on the 85th minute, decided to actually stand from their seats and support this team that has given us so much over the last decade.

And we won.

Every single culer who believed, who cheered, and especially went insane and are now unable to speak properly. We all did it. Our collective energy to achieve this seismic achievement made it happen.

Most of us could not sleep at all after this historic night. Everyone was still on twitter, talking about it, watching celebration videos and sharing photos. But, mainly, just sharing how happy we all were.

But then the night turned bittersweet. Sour. Sad.

I was informed by my dear friend @maria_ines6 that her brother, best friend and roomate, @corsario_N had just passed away.

Words left me completely. I had just talked him 2 days ago, as we often had since late 2013.

His real name was José Luis. He was Chilean, loved his pugs, was crazy about our team and Messi, and we grew closer on the months leading the the 2015 elections. He was just as anti-Rosell and Bartomeu as I am.

Not only was he a culer, but an actual soci. That’s the reason I’ve actually only learned his name after he passed away. He didn’t want to risk losing his membership in case Rosell and co found out he was part of the group of people we had organized to act against the board back then. So, to me, during the 3 years we knew each other, he’s always been just… Corsário.

And we had so much fun together. From talking about Robot Chicken Star Wars Especials, to bowing before Bergkamp each chance we had. We shared the same views about our club, Cruijff, Messi and La Masia. He’s never been a fan of Sampaoli (and most of the chilean players, by the way), but had a soft spot for Berizzo.

We were so much alike, we actually spent two Copa Américas supporting Argentina, despite our home nations being there. That’s how much he cared for Messi.


He was also an experienced (and hurt) Gunner:


José Luis really understood how FC Barcelona works, as well:


But, besides all that, he was a great friend.

Not only did we get to talk about all the interests we have in common (like friends that actually know each other personally do), but he would always ask about my views on brazilian politics, movies and music.

Oh, music. He surely loved his rock and roll. We just lost a really honest culer, pug lover and head banger. What a unique guy José Luis was.

His last tweet before passing was about… Iniesta. And Bergkamp.

He was watching the match yesterday, like all of us, and after the 2nd goal happened, he had this so say:


Yes, my friend. That backheel strike from Iniesta was something Bergkamp would have been proud to have produced himself.

Just as I would have loved to have actually met you, José Luis. But we’ll catch up in due time.

It’s not yet clear what caused his death, but we do know he was watching the game, and was found after it had already finished. He most likely passed during the match after some sort of heart issue. Corsário was only 34 years old.

He was a caring friend, and sent me this a few days before the end of last season:


Don’t you worry, my friend. Us culers that had the honor to get to know you will all have a drink on your behalf to celebrate our 6×1 miracle.

And we’ll win this Champions League for you. And drink on your honor yet again.

Rest in peace, José Luís. I’m certain there are loads of pugs and good classical rock music where you’re headed.


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